The first time I took a private yoga session with Ann, I was in bad shape. My vertigo was out of control. I could barely stand up straight or walk without holding onto something.Our first sessions were completely on the floor, some stretches and litlle baby inversions. While Ann was teaching me the elements of the yoga poses, I didn't understand what it all meant.

But, I believed in Ann and I followed her lead. We met weekly for private sessions. Ann taught me to use my core muscles, the importance of proper breathing and drishti gaze and focus. All those skills in combination really helped me to do standing poses and get up from the floor. Even when I felt dizzy, breathing and concentration helped me to stand straight and not fall to the floor.

Yoga became my lifeline, training with Ann helped me to better understand my body, to feel more in control and gave me the tools to control my vertigo.

The practice of Yoga unites the mind, body and spirit. Each day by coming to our mats we can start again to go within and clear out stuck energy to make room for more positive energy flow and life force. Yoga is a journey like life, not a destination. Come join me on your mat and let's make this the best trip ever.Namaste, peace, light and love, Ann

Healing from Within

So many times over the years people have asked me about what a private yoga session entails. Well, first of all it's a one on one very focused session which is solely directed towards the individual student and their specific needs. I have taught private sessions for the last 15 years to people with  many various physical conditions that feel very limiting for them and have gotten such great results. They tell me they feel so much better, more relaxed and joyful.

Some other students want to work on their form, alignment and get individual adjustments and personal corrections where I can really break down each pose and help them take their practice to the next level.

Students who are training for a marathon or triathlon or just need to learn how to breathe and stretch and open up the tightness in their muscles and joints and create more freedom of movement in their bodies and minds. It's all good and private sessions can help them.

Olga Brodskaya